Thursday, May 10, 2012

Servall Loves Moms!

Servall Termite & Pest Control appreciates mothers in all the forms they come in, here is a special Mother's Day bug blog post. Happy Mother's Day!

May is the start of beautiful warm weather, a month for graduations and a time to mention Mother’s Day bugs. With Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 13, Servall Pest Control would like to highlight various insects that, together, spell out MOTHER. Some might inspire you to get pest control for the home while others might bring a smile to your face.

M is for mites of all kinds. There’s the dust mite, clover mite, itch mite, coconut mite, and even a house mouse mite, to name a few. The most prevalent mite in the home is the dust mite. Your mother was doing you a favor when she washed your sheets and vacuumed your room. It helped remove dust mites and their allergens.

O is for orange dog caterpillar, which turns into the beautiful Giant Swallowtail after some time in a cocoon. The insect eats leaves, but it causes no lasting harm to trees. Since the orange dog caterpillar hasn’t reached its full potential yet, it’s a great insect to include on the list of Mother’s Day bugs because mothers strive to help their children grow to their fullest potential—just like a caterpillar that will one day turn into a beautiful butterfly.

T is for tarantula, and although they look frightening, these spiders are docile and rarely bite humans. Even if a person is bitten, the bite doesn’t pack a bigger punch than a bee sting. Still, with some tarantulas measuring up to 10 inches across, it’s obvious why many people choose to avoid this spider—just like they avoid their own mother if she’s in a bad mood!

H is for honey bee, the sweetest of all Mother’s Day bugs. Without honey bees, there would be no Mother’s Day bouquets, since the honey bee is responsible for about 80 percent of all pollination in the insect world. They also produce honey, the most sugary contribution from the insect world.

E is for earwig, which is actually a misleading name. This insect doesn’t actually sleep in people’s ears and bore into people’s brains—the name came from superstition. Although they don’t pose a threat, earwigs can really bug your mother if they make their way indoors. Think about how many times in your life your mother lent an ear to listen to your problems.

R is for red ant, also known as harvester ant. These ants have been observed closing their nests at night in the same way our mothers locked the doors and provided security for us at night. A great Mother’s Day present might be to give the gift of pest control for the home, especially if your mother is dealing with irritating pests.

Just a cute little bug reminder of everything our moms have done for us. A great Mother’s Day present might be to give the gift of pest control for the home, especially if your mother is dealing with irritating pests. Visit or give us a call at one of our four convenient locations!


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