Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Protect Yourself From Bees

Servall Pest Control sharing some bee safety tips with you.

While bee problems are more of an issue during March and April, there were bee incident reports in the region recently. Therefore the City of Laredo Health Department (CLHD) wants to provide the public the following precautions against bees:

· Never try to remove a bee hive yourself, especially if you are allergic to bees; when in doubt consult with your doctor.

Our experienced staff will always take all appropriate preventive measures by assessing the danger and will provide precautions and advice on bee management.

How to Prevent Honey Bee Colonies

· Reduce any potential bee production environment. Keep areas clean of food and standing water. Keep your yard clean.

· If you find an established bee colony, do not panic, but do not ignore it. Have it removed as soon as possible. Keep everyone away from the colony and contact Servall Pest Control.

· Do not try to remove colonies yourself! NEVER shoot, throw rocks at, pour gasoline on, burn or otherwise threaten established honey bee colonies.

How to “Bee Proof” Your Home

· Remove any clutter from your property (this also helps with other pests and mosquitoes). Honey bees will use almost any type of available space, including meter boxes, tires, or downspouts, for a hive.

· Remove any trash or debris that might serve as a shelter for bees, such as overturned clay pots, tires, old appliances, cardboard boxes, or stacks of crates.

· Periodically check your home and yard for indications of hives. A steady flow of bees to and from a single location is a good indication of a hive.

· Check your exterior wall for cracks or other openings, such as holes where pipes or wiring enter your home. Fill these with caulk or steel wool.

If you find that bees are already inside your exterior walls, do not block the entrance. The bees may be forced into your home as they try to find a way out of the wall.

· If you have chimneys or downspouts, check where the chimney meets the house for separation, and make sure chimneys are covered properly with fine screens (less than 1/8th inch mesh).

· Cover or drain pools or tubs when not in use.

· Repair leaky faucets and faulty irrigation systems.

· Put window screen over drains, attic vents, and irrigation valve boxes.

· Fill or cover animal burrows in the ground.

· Make sure window and sun screens are tight fitting.

· Keep shed doors tightly closed and in good repair and exercise caution when entering buildings that are not used frequently.

Emergency Measures If attacked by bees:

· Run away as quickly as possible. Protect your head, especially your eyes and mouth.

· Get inside a secure and enclosed structure, such as a car or building, before attempting to remove any stingers. A chemical is released when bees sting, it draws more bees to the victim.

· Do not attempt to fool bees by hiding or "playing dead." If you are stung they will continue to sting you, so you will need to leave the area.

· Do not jump into water, such as a swimming pool. Bees may wait for a victim to surface.

· If you are with someone who cannot run away from the bees, cover them with a blanket, tarp, or other material. This will not prevent bees already on the victim from stinging, but it could prevent additional injury.

· Do not stay with the victim as the bees can soon turn their attention to you. Run for help.

· In case of multiple bee stings and/or a severe allergic reaction to a bee sting, call 911.

For any bee problem contact Servall Pest Control at one of our four convenient locations. Visit http://www.servallpestcontrol.com for more information.


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