Thursday, August 16, 2012

Prevention is the most effective form of pest control

Read this article by Mark R. Patterson about how important it is to prevent pests from invading your home! 

There is an old saying that "prevention is better than cure". As far as pest control is concerned, prevention should always be the number one goal, rather than allowing an infestation and then exterminating pests once the situation gets out of hand. A pest or rodent infestation can cause serious damage and any action taken thereafter is nothing more than damage control. The preferred solution is always to keep pests out in the first place. There are a number of steps that can be taken to ensure that a residential or commercial building does not suffer the evil plight of a rodent or pest infestation.
Whenever the terms 'pest control' is used, people automatically start thinking about chemical pest deterrents and exterminators. However, pest control also consists of a number of basic steps that do not require any chemicals or toxins. Most of these steps are targeted to secure a property against pests and rodents; if they cannot gain access to a suitable habitat, there is no question of an infestation ever occurring. As far as pest issues are concerned, the number one culprit in homes and offices are loose fittings and cracks, particularly around the floor and baseboards. Even the finest of cracks are sufficiently big enough for ants and termites to find their way inside. All loose and cracked areas should be caulked and secured so that no pests can work their way into a house or building.
Most people may not pay much attention to it, but are surprised to find out the number of pests that can enter a residential or commercial structure through the plumbing system. Besides serving as an entry point for pests, the plumbing system can also play host as a breeding ground for insects, particularly mosquitoes. Just like cracks in the walls, insects can very easily sneak into the house via the cracks in a pipe. The plumbing system in a building should be inspected regularly for any cracks or leaks, which should be fixed as soon as possible. Similarly, leaky and drippy faucets inside a house should also be repaired or replaced. A big mistake many homeowners make is to remove drain covers or to replace them with covers featuring with large holes. It is not uncommon for rats and mice to work their way up drainage pipes and enter a house, so it's probably best to have suitable covers in place over the drainage pipes at all times. Also, any standing water around the house should be gotten rid of; water under the plant trays and from air-conditioning systems should be promptly removed before they turn into breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
Most of time, pests and rodents infest a house only if there is a steady source of nutrition available. Cutting off access to any food will dissuade pests from setting up shop inside a home or office. Food should not be left lying around, not even pet food. Garbage bins should seal properly and all garbage should be disposed of at least once a week.
Professional pest exterminators can spray a protective layer to prevent pests from entering a structure. However, the basic steps have to be followed in conjunction with chemicals for pest control to claim to be effective.

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