Friday, October 21, 2011

Is Your Spider Problem a Problem?

Have you been seeing a lot of spiders lately? Are you worried about whether it's becoming a problem for your home? Servall can help you with any spider or bug problem you have and help you decide what your best treatment option would be. Here is an article from that explain a little bit about spiders in your home.

"You probably know that spiders prey on insects. Most homes have a resident spider population that help reduce other pests from entering and taking over your home. Often, spiders will live outside the home, especially in a garden, where they play an important beneficial role. The spiders living in your home tend to stay in hidden places such as attics and basements, and under or behind the furniture. Sometimes, though, you'll find these spiders venture out during the day. In most cases, the best idea is to simply let the spider be, capture and release it outside the home, or kill it.

If you have begun to see spiders on a semi-regular basis, have an insurmountable fear of spiders, identify the spiders as poisonous, or have an allergy to spiders, you may have more than just spiders in your home—you may have a spider problem.

Spider Management
Spider problems are usually taken care of with simple spider management. To minimize your exposure to spiders in your home, you'll want to reduce the hospitality of your home environment. A good spring cleaning focusing on secluded areas should unearth and scare away a good number of the more visible spiders from your living area. Naturally, you'll want to knock down any cobwebs you find. Screens and weatherstripping on your windows and doors will reduce the influx of outdoor spider populations into your home.

Spider Bites
Spiders will usually only bite you if there are disturbed. If you believe your home is shelter to poisonous spiders or if you're allergic, you should wear clothes and other protective clothing when gardening or working in undisturbed areas of your home. If you are bitten, attempt to capture or at least visualize the spider so the spider can be identified. If you know what the spider looks like, identification shouldn't be terribly difficult. If you can't identify the spider, monitor the bite and any ill-effects. If you're allergic and/or identify the spider as poisonous, seek immediate medical attention.

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