Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Home Repair

Home Repair
Servall offers a vast range of repair solutions for your home. From ventilation to wood destroying fungus treatments, Servall offers a wide range of services for your home. Call today for your estimate!
We specialize in:
• Wood Destroying Fungus Treatments
• Moisture Barriers
• Foundation Vents with Life Guarantee
• Foundation Fans
• Crawlspace Access Doors
• Repairing Sagging Floors
• Adding or Replacing Support Beams
• Floor Joists and Sill Plates
• Dryer Vents
• Sump Pumps

Samples of our Foundation Vents:

Sample of our jacks used to repair sagging floors:


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  2. Home repair and pest control go hand in hand. Most people call pest controllers during home remodelling or renovation..
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