Friday, April 6, 2012

Early Bug Season!

Servall Pest Control wants to keep you updated on the pest situation and this year is going to be a big one for the bugs. We are already getting more calls than normal and we want you to be prepared. Here is an article that explains everything a little bit more:

The mild weather has pest control businesses in the Ozarks very busy.
Ants, wasps and bees name it, they are out.

The mild winter and early spring have kicked off an atypical growing season. But the National Pest Management Association says its also forecasting a heavier tick season.

Local exterminators say they're phone calls have doubled for this time of year. People calling needing help with ants, bees, wasps and asking about crane, or may flies, many mistake for mosquitoes.

But national pests experts are preparing for bigger problems with ticks this season - not because of the mild winter, but because of acorns.

The oak trees, they say, produced large crops of them in 2010 and that lead to a boom in the white footed mouse population. That also lead to an increase in ticks because they had more to feed on.

"It's a chain reaction from the food supply," explains Ivan Eftink of Bug Zero. "Two years ago so we had a lot of mice that survived the winter so that gave the ticks alot to feed on so now as the ticks is maturing they're looking for a second meal and if there's not as many mice they'll be looking for a second meal and they may be looking for a human for the next blood meal."

Experts are also concerned with the likely increase in ticks that could increase human cases of tick related diseases like Lyme disease.

All kinds of advice is offered of course using repellant, long sleeves and pants light in color so they are easier to detect. And for pets, you want to use medicine prescribed by your vet.

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  1. I have already seen an increase in bugs around the house, ants are starting to come out and my garden looks like it's already summer.

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